INK Spot

Our public hangout spot... For all members of DIVA Wisdom Circle. Learn and practice Intentional Creativity through visual journaling, mixed media, and painting.

Wysdom INK · May 6, 2020

Have you ever wanted to be part of an exclusive creative community but your budget told you “No!”?

DIVA Wisdom Circle’s community has a place for everyone —
regardless of ability to pay!

Our INK Spots welcomes you!!

This tribe, as it is with the entire Circle, flings paints and pastes and primers, while penning prayers and poems and prose…

Then we mix the two together — it’s where the magick is made…

And what do you know? Excavation. Answers. Awakenings…

Are you ready?

At this level of membership, you receive the following benefits:

  • Weekly INK Spots
  • Dear DIVA Downloads
  • INK Blotter (newsletter)
  • Bonuses and more…

Dear DIVA Downloads are love letters which I write to my Circle. I post one each month to set the overall theme for the month. It is automatic writing that is part of my morning ritual and pour forth from my heart imbued with the love that I have for all of you. They are designed to be a guided meditation and should be used to help you establish or bolster a daily meditation practice.

INK Spots are inquires, notes, and knowings… These weekly prompts are offered as a way to get you to your painty table and ink up some pages along with some fingers. The INK Blotter is our newsletter. Inquiries, Notes, and Knowings in a more indepth discussion. The INK Blotter is where I share what’s going on in my world of intentional creativity: journal and painting processes, mixed media, livestream and special event information and dates, the antics of my 12 week old boxer and my 15 month old cat… It may also contain course and merch coupons.

B * O * N * U * S * E * S

Who knows what bonuses may come? A mini-class here. Mixed Media Mojo livestream there. All part of your membership in Circle Citings (read: no extra charge)…

Whew! That’s a lot of information being sent your way. Here’s the “quick and dirty” — INK Spots is our free tribe where you will receive encouragement and inspiration to begin, re-start, or continue your mixed media Intentional Creativity journey. You are joining a community, not a static course website. In addition to the coursework, you have access to a group and a forum and a newsletter. You have access to a community

And with that, I say with a warm heart and all the love I have from the over flow —

Welcome to DIVA Wisdom Circle
and the
INK Spot Tribe!

Our Circle Citings Tribe does not contain formal, structured lessons. Therefore, it is almost impossible to cite what materials you will need (pun intended). The following is a list of the most basic supplies you will need:

  • Art Journal/Single Sheets
    • Single sheets should be 140lb watercolor paper
  • Acrylic Paints
    • Any brand(s), any colors
    • Paintbrushes are a given...
  • Gel Medium
    • I use Liquitex. Any brand will do.
  • Collage Papers
    • Search your stash! Where's all that old scrapbook paper that you never made that scrapbook with???
  • Adhesive
    • Elmer's Glue All, E6000, Tacky Glue -- doesn't matter just need some glue...
  • Markers
  • Colored Pencils

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