Create your own handstitched art journal -- your INK PAAD! Using the principles of Intentional Creativity, we excavate our Inner Knowings and record its wisdom through word and image. Our INK PAAD is our guidebook, complete with our prayers, prose and poetry, gratitude, affirmation, symbol and image.

Wysdom INK · May 6, 2020

Inquiries, Notes & Knowledge of Prayers, Appreciation, Affirmation & Devotion…

Are you ready to use Intentional Creativity to create your very own INK PAAD???

Let’s Get INKIE!!!

It all starts with using your words…

Self-inquiry is a powerful excavation tool. Using self-inquiry allows you to develop a deeper, more personal relationship with Self. Self-inquiry deepens your connection with the Divine* — the closer you get to you, the closer you become with Spirit*.

And we must take notes of our inquiries…

The process of simply writing something down helps to commit that thing to memory. Taking note of what comes up for you through inquiry helps you to process the information you’ve been given. It helps you to re-member your Self.

Knowledge is power…

When we evaluate our inquiries and their associated notes, we develop a deep knowing of Self. We begin to trust our intuition more. We hear the voice of wisdom. And armed with this knowledge, we grow, we heal, we transform…

Let’s use our INK to create the baddest PAAD you’ve ever seen!

What we will create this year is a visual journey using:

  • Prayer
  • Appreciation (aka gratitude)
  • Affirmation, and
  • Devotion to Self

We will use our words to excavate ourselves and reach our Inner Knowing (the Muse). Once we reach Her, we will use the wisdom She imparts to create a guidebook of our life as we are living it. We are practicing the ultimate devotion — taking time for self-inquiry and self-care…

Be as resilient as the trees!

Don’t be afraid to lose your leaves. New ones will grow in their place.

Color the ground around you as you shed what no longer serves you and manifest that which does…

At this level of membership, you receive the following benefits:

  • Monthly INK PAAD Process Video (real-time)
  • Monthly Gratiffirmations Process Video
  • Quarterly PAAD Process Livestreams
  • Weekly INK Spots
  • Dear DIVA Downloads
  • INK Blotter (newsletter)
  • Bonuses and more…

Let’s get together — no matter where you are in the world…

Once a quarter, we will have a livestream and complete a page/spread together! Flinging paint. Throwing glitter. And most importantly — INKing up our fingers through both word and image!!

Get visual inspiration each month!

INK PAADs are made from single sheets of watercolor paper. The finished pages are later hand stitched together. Yep — we are going to make our own handbound journal out of single sheets! You can make your journal as large or as small as you want it. You are in total control!!

Think about journal themes… Once you learn the INK PAAD process and start your INK PAAD that holds your INK (Inquiries, Notes, & Knowings), you can make other INK PAADs for other facets of your life:

  • You can have an INK PAAD that is dedicated to memory-keeping your travels, or
  • Your daughter’s ballet lessons and performances, or
  • Your puppy’s “baby book” — keeping track of the milestones from bringing him/her home.

The possibilities are endless!

Each month you will receive a time-lapsed video of my Gratiffirmation creation process. Voice-overs and video notations help you grasp the tools and techniques that come into play. Now take what you’ve learned and apply it to your daily practice!

INK Spots are inquiries, notes, and knowings… These weekly prompts are offered as a way to get you to your painty table and ink up some pages along with some fingers. The INK Blotter is our newsletter. Inquiries, Notes, and Knowings in a more indepth discussion. The INK Blotter is where I share what’s going on in my world of intentional creativity: journal and painting processes, mixed media, livestream and special event information and dates, the antics of my 12 week old boxer and my 15 month old cat… It may also contain course and merch coupons.

Dear DIVA Downloads are love letters which I write to my Circle every morning. It is automatic writing that is part of my morning ritual and pour forth from my heart imbued with the love that I have for all of you. They are designed to be a guided meditation and should be used to help you establish or bolster a daily meditation practice.

B * O * N * U * S * E * S

One of your bonuses is a library of process videos. Look out for “mash-up” videos — time-lapsed videos showing the making of several pages. Who knows what other bonuses may come? Livestreams are also a real possibility… All part of your membership in the INK PAAD Tribe (read: no extra charge)…

Lots of information to read through, huh? To summarize: Gratiffirmations is a daily gratitude and affirmation practice. ATCs are created intentionally to bring form to your practice. Gratiffirmations is designed to take you no more than 30 minutes — a quick meditation session. Come get your gratitude on and receive regular inspiration and encouragement to solidify this daily practice as part of your devotion to the Divine (gratitude) and Self (affirmation).

And with that, I say with a warm heart and all the love I have from the over flow —

Welcome to DIVA Wisdom Circle
and the

*References to the Divine and/or Spirit can be off-putting because of the “highly volatile” debate topic which religion and spirituality can often be. DIVA Wisdom Circle does not subscribe to any one definition of the Divine or Spirit. References to the Divine and/or Spirit in any and all material present on this website is referring to the definition of the Divine/Spirit that you believe to be true for your life. We are not promoting you to have any beliefs or practices outside of what you have decided is right for you.

This is a non-exhaustive list of materials and supplies you will need for your INK PAAD:

  • 140lb Watercolor Paper
  • Hole Punch
  • Waxed Bookbinding Thread
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Pan Pastels
  • Collage Fodder
  • Paint Brushes
  • Texture Mediums
  • Gel Medium
  • Stamps
  • Ink Pads
  • Stencils
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Markers

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