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  • Wysdom INK

    May 4, 2020 at 7:19 am

    Welcome! I am so glad that you have chosen to join us!! Let’s. Get. INKIE!!!

    We hope that you will take some time to find your way around. You have entered more than an online instruction website. This is an entire community!

    Like any social platform, you are welcome to engage as much or as little as you desire. You can come, view video/read class posts, do the work, and post a picture of your work in your classroom. You can engage in your classroom, hop over to the What’s Happening… feed — the “public” feed (you must be a member with a verified account on this site to gain access to this feed), and then engage in a discussion in the “public” forum (also requiring verified site membership). Or you may decide to come and be an active reader, but you may never post… The choice is up to you.

    There are few “rules” here — all of them are common sense — but who says sense is common? Let’s take a look at the Community and Learning Guidelines:

    • Be Kind. At all times and in all situations. If there is something you do not like or agree with, please keep scrolling. There is no need to make an unkind or negative comment. If it is something you feel is inappropriate, kindly notify the admins.
    • Be Courteous. “Please” and “Thank You” go a long way!
    • Be Present. We all get distracted, fall down a rabbit hole in our research, and are dealing with full throttled emotions amped up by our current global pandemic. Please keep your discussion on task with the topic at hand.
    • Be Grateful. Give gratitude for the online teacher or YouTuber you got your inspiration from. Call them out and let us know that your work was inspired by someone (and name them!).
    • No Politics. No Religion. That’s not what we’re here for. There are too many other platforms where you already have a stage for debate and debacle over these topics. Keep that stuff on those platforms. This is a not the arena for those discussions. There are references made here to “the Divine” and/or “Spirit” and the like. These are made in the sense of whatever your personal connection is to a higher power (or not), that is what the reference is being made to. It is not meant to impose any specific religious teachings on you.
    • Global Pandemic. Yeah, we’re in the thick of it… It’s affecting us all, even if we are not aware. This is a sacred healing space. If part of your healing is sharing about the global pandemic, feel free to share. We ask, however, that you do not share info on the pandemic that could just serve to panic or heighten the anxiety of any of our Tribe.
    • Critique-free Zone. We each are at different skill levels — some brand nubians. We each have our own battle with the Internal Critic to wage and defend. In order to encourage each other not to compare our work and to be gentle with ourselves, we ask that you do not offer a critique of any posted work unless a critique is specifically requested. If there is a case where a critique has been requested, please frame your response from the angle of “what is working and how that may be improved,” rather than from the mindset of “your steps are all wrong and that bird’s left wing is too big.”
    • Witnessing. I strongly encourage you to witness one another. To gently let someone know that they are being heard and seen. That’s it and that’s all! No advice giving — none is being sought. It’s simply letting someone know that you hear what they have said in their post, and that you are standing with them witnessing their experience with them. Please refrain from giving advice.
    • All Rights Reserved. The Wisdom Circle @ DIVA Empowerment Studio reserves the right to update these Guidelines at any time with 24-hours notice of effective date.

    If you have any suggested guidelines and/or suggested edits to the existing guidelines, please do not hesitate to reply to this discussion with your suggestions.

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